Institute of Architecture and Technology

The Institute of Architecture and Technology allows architecture and technology to interact in a new generation of architects. Architects who have comprehensive knowledge about technology's possibilities and limitations – in relation to small and large projects alike. Architects who can use digital tools and develop sustainable solutions. Architects who will be able to contribute to today's and tomorrow's challenges locally and globally – for instance in relation to construction, flooding and rural development along the Danish coastline, which is gradually disappearing. The Institute of Architecture and Technology is close to both practice and research. Technology opens up for a new, spatial language, and the students at the institute learn to speak that language.

Undergraduate programmes
Architecture's Anatomy and Fabrication

Based on an experimental practice, students learn that there is a direct tectonic relation between the way in which an architectural project is developed, the way in which it is constructed, and its viability. The programme involves in-depth studies, a dissection and transformation of architecture's many components and expression forms – its anatomy.

Postgraduate programmes
Settlement, Ecology and Tectonics

Towns/cities and settlement are the focal point of the study, which is based on an architectural approach. Projects never stop at the cadastral plot, but consider the whole, asking questions such as: "What are we giving back to the town/city?". The students learn to consider issues constructively and critically at a time where urbanisation and corresponding depopulation raise demands about sustainable issues. (In English)

CITAstudio: Computation in Architecture
CITAstudio provides an International Masters level architectural design programme that places special focus on examining architectural issues through critically situating computation and digital technologies in the processes of thinking, forming and producing architecture. A special focus is put on the intersection between computation, fabrication, material and performance.

Architecture and Extreme Environments
This course aims to explore the potential of architecture to be informed by cutting edge science and technology to critically enhance architectural performance and resilience in present global sites under stress, while exploring new aesthetic and spatial languages in an interdisciplinary approach. The course engages in world-wide expeditions to test its designs. (In English)

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Candidate programme at the Institute of Visual Design, School of Design: Type Design and Wayfinding
As a student of architecture you can also apply to the candidate programme 'Type Design and Wayfinding' at the School of Design.  

Focus on font design and wayfinding as well as visual identity and exhibition design. Projects that focus on the interplay between graphics, space and fitting out, and a starting point for collaboration with other postgraduate programmes at KADK. The programme is for design and architectural students both.