Le Corbusier's Villa Shodhan

Manisha Shodhan Basu pratices architecture at Ahmedabad, India. She is a graduate of C.E.P.T, Ahmedabad with master’s degree in Town Planning from The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen. PHOTO: ABHIK BASU‘The purpose of architecture is to carve out simple spaces in design

In the 1950’s Le Corbusier designed a number of buildings in India. The most famous of these constructions is Chandigarh, the government town in Kashmir, the least known building is Villa Shodhan in Ahmedabad. As a privately owned home it has been protected from fame and only a few have been granted access to this fantastic house, the last villa to be designed by Le Corbusier. The owner of the building has been the same through out the years, and it has been preserved exactly as it was constructed in 1957.

The book is written by the Indian architect Manisha Shodan Basu, which has close relations to Denmark - she graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture –and furthermore she is related to the inhabitants of the villa. The book is a thorough examination of the large and complicated building in which Corbusier makes use of all his experience with house building, at the same time adjusting them to the local conditions like climate, building tradition and family relations.

Among the numerous illustrations are a number of new photographs of Villa Shodhan as it appears today. They convey the densely grown garden, the four large and very different facades as well as the complicated spatial organisations, which together form the masterly designed interior.

The sketches and original drawings together with historic photographs are also represented in the book, and in the introduction associate Professor Jørgen Hauberg compares Villa Shodhan to other works of Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier’s Villa Shodhan
Manisha Shodhan Basu
Info: 118 pages, soft cover, 24,5 x 29 cm., illustrated
ISBN 978 87 87136 78 5
Published by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture Publishers
Price: 350 DKK Incl. Vat


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