Welcome to The Danish Design School

Dato:  02.02.11

On Tuesday 1 February, The Danish Design School officially moved to Holmen to colocate with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, and this was celebrated!

The assembly hall was decked out with white-clad tables full of crisps, draught beer and soft drinks for the many people who had turned up from all of the colleges of art at Holmen. At 3 pm, four students from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory marched into the assembly hall at full blast as a festive start to the celebrations.

The two Schools' Rectors, Sven Felding and Anne-Louise Sommer, both gave speeches, and a special guest, Poul Nesgaard, Rector of the National Film School of Denmark had been invited to say a few inspired and amusing words. In between the speeches, more students from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory entertained the audience who responded with unremitting enthusiasm.

The Danish Design School has moved in, and we are happy to be sharing with them. It has been a long process, and there are still half-empty cardboard boxes everywhere, but day by day, order is winning over chaos. The two Schools are already collaborating across many areas, and if at all possible, campus is buzzing with life even more than it used to.

Welcome to The Danish Design School!

Gifted students from Rythmic Music Conservatory enthused everybody