Master Programmes in English


New English Master Programmes for September 2014
The School offers the following two-year master programmes in architecture. The programmes are taught in English and start in September each year. Classes consist of both international and Danish full-degree students. Students who successfully complete a master programme will receive an MA in Architecture.


MA: Architecture and Extreme Environments 
The programme aims to explore architecture designed through hyper-tuned site specificity by designing and traveling to extreme environments world wide, and in close collaboration with science and technology, to critically "enhance" architectural performance, sustainability and resilience while exploring new formal and spatial languages that enrich our build environments and our daily lives.

For more information about this programme please see here .

MA: CITAstudio: Computation in Architecture
With a focus on digital design and material fabrication the programme questions the how computation is changing our spatial, representational and material cultures. The programme gives students the opportunity to develop and explore individual strategies for incorporating digital tools within their architectural practice. With an experimental, hands-on learning-by-doing method we explore computation as a means to pursue speculative design, experimental fabrication, material actuation and complex modelling. We want to devise our own critical reflections on how digital tools are used in the production of creative and inventive thesis projects.

For more information about this programme please visit our webpage here .

MA: Political Architecture#1: Critical Sustainability   
This Masters Programme is designed to promote an architectural practice which critically explores the political issues that dominate in the fields of architecture and planning. The political aspect of architecture is our main concern – it is what we question and investigate, and try to grasp uniquely with integrated architectural and academic means. For several years to come, our main subject will be the near to omnipresent notion of sustainability. A catchphrase, a motto, a concern for survival, and an opportunity – sustainability is arguably today a designers’ dogma and creed.

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MA: Spatial Design, Perception and Detail (title updated from Architecture and Spatial Design )
This programme is focused on the perception, production and fittings of architectural spaces. During the programme, it will be possible to work with both landscape, urban design, building and furniture design; however, the focus of the studies will be to master the art of designing and constructing interior and exterior spaces in detail.

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MA: Urbanism and Societal Change
The programme focuses on immersing the architectural/urban project in the dynamic conditions of our contemporary society. 'Real challenges' such as economic boom-bust cycles, ageing, climatic transformations or the end of oil are embraced as forces challenging established practices and discourses. Students’ competencies are developed through the entwinement of research and design applied to concrete sites within the project process. A prominent international network of collaborators will support parallel studios, seminars and workshops.

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Target group for admission

Students with a BA-degree or three years of studies from a state-recognised school of architecture. 

Graduate Architects

Applicants who hold a master degree in architecture will not be admitted due to a limited number of places in the programme.

Tuition Fee
Students who are citizens of EU/EEA countries or Switzerland do not pay a tuition fee. Students from all other countries pay a tuition fee.


2014-15: 5,500 euro per semester.


2015-16: 6,000 euro per semester.

Semester Dates
Autumn semester:
1 September-31 January
Spring semester:
1 February-30 June